25 Nearwater Lane – RENTED

Thursday, October 27, 2016
Asking $1,749,000. Four bedrooms, three full baths and only steps from our beautiful beaches.

Asking $7000.00 for rent. Four bedrooms, three full baths and only steps from our beautiful beaches.

Our newest listing has hit the market this week. 25 Nearwater lane, built in 1935, is a traditional colonial that captures everything you can imagine when you think about “going home”.  Big rooms and great “bones”, architectural details (THE STAIRCASE!) and the ever important kitchen where everyone ends up hanging out  – it has it all here. The neighborhood of Noroton Manor offers water access for your boat, and tennis courts. Walking distance to all of that as well as the Blue Ribbon Hindley School. Offered through Houlihan Lawrence. Rented as of 12/1/16

You are not going to find a gracious front hall like this. The staircase says it all.

THE STAIRCASE!  I think it speaks for itself…So welcoming and lovely.

wide open doors and and gracious rooms create a very inviting first floor.

Wide open door ways and and gracious rooms are ready for every occasion.

27 x 14 Living room is just fabulous.

The 27 x 14 Living room is just fabulous. Space for at least three seating areas. Mark D. Sikes…Can only imagine what magic he would work here!

A view from the library

A view from the library.

this is a fabulous room

The dining room doubles as a second library for all the collectables and books you love. You can easily fit 12 in this dining room for dinner.

Top of the line appliances, lots of space and sunshine make this kitchen a highlight.

Top of the line appliances, lots of space and sunshine make this kitchen a highlight. And that refrigerator! Very Nice!


If you are able to keep a refrigerator looking like this on the inside, you win! Of course, you will have to bring out all your Juliska for that! Note what you see in the fridge!


Fabulous Great Room with a fireplace to match. Comfortable and right off the kitchen.


Wonderful back yard with a two car garage.


This is truly a special house. We LOVE this house; there really is “good juju” here. It feels right when you walk in and we promise you won’t want to leave. If you are in the market to rent a house that would make even Nancy Meyers proud, call us. Houlihan Lawrence is a phone call away to your new home away from home.


If you are working with an agent, this is not a solicitation.


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris Strong





**photo/This is Glamourous fb page

Rowayton House Tour

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Rowayton Civic Association hosted their semi-annual House Tour today. An absolutely glorious selection of Belle Island Beauties. And so well organized. What a day!  Thank you RCA for a wonderful event.







If you didn’t get there this year, you have a lot to look forward to the next time.

18 Fairmead – The lifestyle part II

Monday, May 11, 2015

Julie Murphy holding the Dowager, one of her three chickens.


A beautiful garden fenced in for the chickens.



Free Range.


A new addition to the garden, with four varieties of apples!






She is laying an egg!!


Once upon a time there was a basement, and it was transformed into a mudroom and living space like no other!


Mudroom hooks and storage


The details.


NO ONE would have imagined the transformation.


The floors have radiant heat.


Movie night here would be just fine, thank you.





Even the required egress is fab!









Crafts room for the kids.



Everything those little creative minds need!





Thanks Julie for letting us into your amazing home. We cannot wait to see what you have up your sleeve!


18 Fairmead – the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

We are so excited that 18 Fairmead is new to our market.  While we are sorry to see the fabulous homeowner leave (good news….to undertake another wonderful project), this is a great opportunity for one of you to live in A VERY SPECIAL home.  This home has been completely transformed and not one detail has been overlooked by the very talented owners.  This is a blog (part of a series) that we did last spring.  Asking $1,495,000 through Amanda Davenport at Halstead Properties. SOLD AND CLOSED.

Fairmeade. Remember this listing? You will not believe what has been done here!

18 Fairmeade. Remember this listing? You will not believe what has been done here!

Julie Murphy has transformed this antique into something magical. We spend the morning with her and she quickly became a Real in Darien BFF.  And, we have some BIG NEWS, she is now curating for FLEA in Rowayton.  FLEA not only has the best lunch in Fairfield County, it has very magical treasures (do you remember the Draper chest I picked up).  Now Julie will be focusing on keeping FLEA stocked with items that she finds on her weekly hunts, including Brimfield, various antique shops, or her favorite salvage yards. If you are looking for a “one of a kind”, then make sure you make this a regular weekly stop.  It is unlikely you will see any item there for very long. The grand opening is this weekend-be sure not to miss!

















































To be continued.  Check back to find out more about this chicken coop!


Alice Mae Orr – If we can only come close

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Congratulations to one of the Best Realtors around!

Alice Mae Orr. 50 Years of fabulousness!

Alice Mae Orr. 50 Years of fabulousness!


Photo curtesy of Ana Blaze (Houlihan Lawrence)



Exciting things are happening and you should know what is really going on

Monday, February 9, 2015


There has been a lot of chatter this past week around the PARTNERSHIP between Houlihan Lawrence and Kelly Associates. It’s not surprising that Chris Fountain pipped in on all the excitement as well. So much speculation about the details of this merger might have you thinking…..well, keep thinking, and watching the leadership we bring to the real estate business.

Like Kelly Associates, Houlihan Lawrence is a family run business. Siblings Nancy Seaman, Chris Meyers and Stephen Meyers are the engine behind this top Westchester firm. After watching what HL has accomplished in Greenwich in the last year, the two families, after years of a close friendship, decided to join forces. The top Westchester firm, on its way to being the number one firm in Greenwich, aligning with the top Darien firm…it makes all the sense in the world. This is a merger, not a “buy-out”. Jeff Kelly continues to be at the helm, and our infrastructure will strengthen, something that is hard to grow as a small independent. Kelly will gain the marketing platform and global reach that Houlihan Lawrence can provide. After the dust settles, you will find that we are still the firm that remains focused on the local market, understanding life in the northern suburbs of New York City better than anyone, while keeping our hands on the pulse of what is nothing less than a global real estate market.

Kelly Associates has been a wonderful place to work, and the two of us wouldn’t be anywhere else. When we started this blog, which was “ground breaking” out here in the provinces of Darien, the Kelly family not only supported it, they embraced it. FINALLY, agents were thinking “outside of the box”. When a firm in town (hmmmmm, which one could that be) sent us a ‘cease and desist’ letter (some would say you have not made it until you have been delivered your first) Kelly supported and encouraged us further. In this business you cannot grow and succeed without taking risks. You have to innovate and change with the times.  What is happening here is exactly that, so why wouldn’t we embrace it! This is about real professionals leading the way in real estate and staying on top.

This is going to be a great year.  Our business continues to grow and Real in Darien is reaching new heights.  We are proud to continue working with the Kelly family and be a part of our new “mothership” Houlihan Lawrence.03f2f703-7288-465c-8d9c-699d1a7fbdde







If you are currently working with another broker, this is not a solicitation.

So much of it is about the packaging

Saturday, January 24, 2015



and we would agree with these beauties that are flooding our office. They are chic and elegant but most importantly, they capture you instantly.

BIG and EXCITING Kelly News

Friday, January 23, 2015

Our outstanding Kelly family is merging with one

outstanding leader in real estate.





For 125 years, our team of real estate experts has been the market leader in New York City’s northern suburbs. We have the largest regional and global network with long-standing international connections and partners in 56 countries.*

We look forward to bringing you continued and exceptional  leadership in Darien Real Estate.

* from our new, beautiful Houlihan Lawrence website.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas

Monday, December 22, 2014
...hung by the chimney with care...

…hung by the chimney with care…


A wonderful time of the year.


Christmas Book List for 2014

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The book lists are out for Christmas and it is so fun to see what editors, reviewers and critics are recommending as “good reads” for under the tree. Naturally, we have our suggestions as well.  So, if you are considering a move, a renovation or starting from the ground up with a new build next year, here are some books that we think will inspire you to get started on your projects in the coming year!

Peter Pennoyer

An historicist at heart, Peter Pennoyer takes classic architecture to the right heights.


One of our favorites. A must have in any library for those interested in Architecture and design.

Another point of view on traditional architecture.  Ferguson & Shamamian are the team responsible for the recent listing on Shagbark that we LOVED.

Another point of view on the traditional vernacular. Ferguson & Shamamian is the team responsible for the renovation at 15 Shagbark. One of our favorite listings of 2014.

Still loving this old classic. If you dont own it already, you should.  I suppose the best affair you will ever have is with your house!

Timeless design. If you don’t own it already, you should. I suppose the best affair you will ever have is with your house!

This will make you whistle a merry merry!

Tom Scheerer will make you whistle a merry merry!

For the one who likes clean lines and

For the one who likes clean lines, Victoria Hagan has an exceptional eye.

Wildly Chic. A Must Have.

Wildly Chic. Miles’ book is A Must Have.

For all you TB fans, this book will blind you with her style and color schemes!

For all you TB fans, this book will blind you with her style and color schemes!

Let your hair down and do what you like!  Susannah's book is a glorious collection of rooms and ideas that will inspire you to do just that!

Let your hair down and do what you like! Susanna’s book is a glorious collection of rooms and ideas that will inspire you to do just that!

Whimsey and style at its best.  A wonderful book to get see how to jump into bold interior design.  LOVE!

Whimsey and style at its best. LOVE Katie Ridder!

Splendid new book by Markham Roberts.

Splendid new book by Markham Roberts.

A beautiful book that you will get lost in.  Sold addition for anyone who loves to garden.

Jane Garmey has put together a beautiful book that will transport you to some of Connecticut’s most lovely Eden’s. For anyone who loves to garden, this is a solid addition to your library.

A good gardening library starts with the basics.  I think this qualifies...

A good gardening library starts with the basics. I think Vita qualifies…

Why not do the complete series.

Why not do the complete series.

A stunning garden book that really does deserve the coffee table spot.  It will give you incredible ideas for your own garden.

A stunning garden book that really does deserve the coffee table spot. It will give you incredible ideas for your own garden.

Jack Staub also has this wonderful collection of books to read for your kitchen garden.

Jack Staub also has this wonderful collection to read for your kitchen garden. In addition to Exciting Vegetables, there is Remarkable Fruits and Exceptional Herbs. These are beautifully done books and make fabulous Hostess presents.


All these books can be bought or ordered at Barrett Books. They have other very good suggestions at their Noroton Heights location.  Call to order, or drop in and enjoy the experience of a great book store.


Please welcome our first guest blogger – Louise Foerster

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Doorknobs and Destiny


We came upon Darien after months of looking. It was time to move. We’d finished renovating our condominium in Valley Cottage, New York and were ready to sell it. The idea was to move to Westchester or Fairfield counties for an easier commute into New York City.

It was an exciting and aggravating time. Already, we had bid on and lost several houses in different towns. It was a red-hot market filled with avid buyers. No matter how fast we made up our minds about a house, we were too late to win.

I’d heard about Darien from a friend at work. While we’d never seen it, she was so enthusiastic about it that we decided to take a look.

It was a gray, dismal fall Saturday when we followed the directions to meet our broker. We weren’t hoping for much given our weeks of disappointments.          However, at the first house we toured, I felt a shimmer of excitement. It happened again at the second house. All morning long, I thrilled at the different styles of house and neighborhoods where children played street hockey and people said hello.

I was a child again. It was Christmas at Grandma’s house in Bedford. Her house was a small Cape Cod filled with laughter, cousins, and Christmas decorations. We ate fast at the kids’ table in the kitchen so that we could fly out into the foot-deep snow.

Grandma’s house had glass doorknobs. My family lived in new houses with raw yards and moved every few years. Our doorknobs were shiny, brassy and easily damaged. Her doorknobs were warm and sparkly.


Once we saw Darien, there was no going back. We changed out the flimsy doorknobs in our condo with sturdy brass ones. In a market clogged with larger, better-featured units, ours sold in days.

We went back to Darien to lose several bidding wars. Ultimately, we won a treasure in an old, broken-down house that looked pretty from the outside. Inside was a different story. It stank with hardwood floors stained by dogs that couldn’t wait, water-logged wallpaper, and neglect. When we showed it to our parents, they asked if we could get out of the deal. Still, it had plaster walls, hardwood floors, and glass doorknobs

Several years later, the house glowed. We’d restored it to its original charm, keeping only the glass doorknobs. When we admired the newly painted floor in the garage, we knew that it was time to move on.

Months later, we found another under-loved older house in Darien. This time, the doorknobs weren’t glass. They were older ones, solid brass and warm to the touch.

We mentioned to a fellow old-house lover how it was strange that there were two very different types of doorknobs in the house: finely wrought ones in most of the house and thick, blunt ones in the kitchen and tiny rooms off a back hallway. She grinned telling us that this was social status made apparent; the nicer doorknobs were only for family and visitors. The housekeeper and gardener got the crude ones for the rooms where they worked and lived.


Recently, a friend moved into an old house in Rowayton that she and her husband lovingly restored . In updating its flow, they changed doors and needed more glass doorknobs to match the rest of the house. They found them on e-bay. The “new” old glass doorknobs fit in perfectly with the original ones.

When I got home, I was so excited that I browsed for glass doorknobs all over the internet. I wandered through etsy as well as other house-focused sites. Everywhere I looked, I was stunned by the abundance of magical doorknobs.

Many of the doorknobs had stories. One seller apologized for a slight violet hue in her doorknobs, seemingly unaware that some old glass ages like that?

One story grabbed me by the throat. The seller had a single, exquisite glass doorknob in perfect condition, purported to be from an old farmhouse in upstate New York. I imagined it as the sole indulgence of an owner who needed one bright touch of beauty in a hard way of life. I had to have that doorknob. I sent in a bid, won, and days later ripped open a brilliant glass doorknob packed with great care.

Now that I know how to find perfect doorknobs, I am empowered. We can live anywhere, restore more sad old houses or delight in move-in-ready cottages. I know where to get the perfect doorknobs to make our house into our home.


photo 2-3

A door at 35 Sunswyck.

photo 3-1

The lock makes this door knob at 35 Sunswyck even move special.

photo 5

Thank you Louise for this blog highlighting the importance of doorknobs. Don’t ever skimp on the details that can make all the difference in a home.


Let’s take a drive north of the border-Pound Ridge

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I was recently at a friends home in Pound Ridge and thought it would be interesting to blog about it especially given how different our markets are. A recent addition to the market, “Cloverleigh” is gorgeous 7000 sq ft Colonial on 7.34 acres abutting preserve!    29 Threshing Rock Road is offered at $2,287,000 through Eric Rosenfield at William Raveis.


Situated at the end of a private cul de sac, this grand home sets a presence early on.



Tom D’Orio of Weston was the builder and has done several high quality jobs throughout Bedford, New Canaan and Pound Ridge. This home has everything you would expect, windows throughout, white oak floors, laundry room, closets and more closets, sound system and generator.  It has all those important details we look for.



This pink living room reminds me of a House Beautiful issue. Supposedly everyone looks gorgeous in a pink room.


Love the back to back sofa.



The dining room has the most pleasing and beautiful green wallpaper.




I was very distracted by this gorgeous Ralph Lauren piece. The glass shimmered.




My favorite spot…the grasscloth covered, Vaughen lit breakfast room. This sun filled room offers you a serene place for coffee or a spot to enjoy the sunsets.



Just loved this spot in the kitchen that hosted shells from the family journeys.



What a couch… for everyone. It is perfectly scaled to the room.




The dogs had a great time following me around. This is a hall from the breakfast room to the family room that runs across the back of the house.


The bedrooms are large and perfectly scaled.


OHHHH the fabric. That China Seas will take her all the way to adulthood.


LOVE the Brunschwig drum nightstand.




The master suite is super zen and sophisticated.







Views from every room, even the dogs want to take it in.


What an elegant landing.


NEVER overlook the powder room. Just like 19 Sunnyside, it is a small spot that can make a statement.


A large deck travels the whole back of the house.



Site for a pool and tennis court. Imagine the pool and pool house here and you have created your own retreat.



Uniquely sited on acres of flat lawn bordered by woodlands for privacy,The extensive lawns are perfectly suited for ball fields, play areas or cocktails at sunset.

We can’t forget the large walkout basement with sliding glass doors., an au pair suite, a hobby room and tons of storage.


There is a peacefulness to Pound Ridge that is hard to match in the commutable tri state area. You can truly get away from it all without having to drive a few hours and fight traffic. No traffic, no traffic lights. Beware of turtles crossing the road during the spring mating season or the wild turkeys crossing.

There are great restaurants – DiNardo’s (the best pizza) with a casual front room and patio for family dining and a more formal dining room. North Star, great live music. Jean George’s, the Inn at Pound Ridge…..fab. Richard Gere’s Bedford Post. He is at the restaurant/hotel often and takes yoga classes at The Loft, which is on the hotel property. Superb fine cheese shop, Plum Plums in Scott’s Corners. Scott’s corners is what we call our town area. That is where DiNardis and North Star are located. Local farmers market in Pound Ridge on Sundays. Organic, non-GMO raised chicken and beef, veggies and baked foods.

We would love to show you this spectacular property. If you want to head north across the border, give us a call.


Pictures courtesy of Real in Darien and William Raveis.


Gorgeous kitchens

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mostly, people want to know what the kitchen is like when they are asking about a house that is on the market.  And, many times, if the kitchen is fabulous, it can seal the deal.  If you are thinking about a move, and the kitchen is a critical piece of your criteria, here are some that will knock your sox off!


16 Salt Box Lane

Asking $2,350,000 at Kelly Associates

Asking $2,395,000 Offered by Janine  Tienken at Kelly Associates


fabulous pantry and bar area



35 Sunswyck Road

Asking $4,195,000 at Kelly Associates

(Accepted Offer/Continue to Show)

Asking $4,195,000  Offered by Hannah Burge/Nan Peter at Kelly Assoicates





5 Salem Straits

Asking $3,795,000 at Kelly Associates

Asking $3,795,000  Kelly Associates





309 Hollow Tree Ridge Road

Asking $3,850,000 at Kelly Associates

Asking $3,850,000 Kelly Associates





19 Sunnyside Avenue

Asking $1,795,000 at Kelly Associates

Asking $1,795,000 Kelly Associates



15 Half Mile Road

Asking $3,195,000 at Halstead

Asking $3,195,000 Halstead



320 Brookside Road

Asking $6,750,000 at Berkshire Hathaway

Asking $6.... Berkshire Hathaway


38 Wee Burn Lane

Asking $5,795,000 at Kelly Associates

Asking $5,995,000 Kelly Associates


401 Mansfield Avenue

Asking $1,995,000 at Kelly Associates

Asking $1,995,000 Kelly Associates



55 Cedar Gate

Asking $1,675,000 at Kelly Associates

Asking $1,695,000 Kelly Associates







If you are currently working with an agent, this is not a solicitation.

The doors of Carmel

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


After a week in Carmel, California we are back and diving headfirst into a very busy spring market (Swifts Lane, Point O’Woods, Wheat Lane, Half Mile, Sunswyck, Noroton Avenue oh my). We promise to catch you up soon.  In the meantime, here are some shots of what makes Carmel so special.  I did not see a door I did not love and it made me appreciate my dutch door even more!


























I finally let her in a picture!