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Getting back to the garden

Monday, May 14, 2012

We started this entry weeks ago, with every intention to post, and then other ideas got in the way.  I still think we can start by saying that we have had an early and mild Spring this year.  It is SO FUN to be back in the garden!

First bloom in the planters… the pansies

The weather being just so beautiful these past few months is making us think about the garden; picking up winter scraps on the lawn, getting the pansies in, and getting the flower beds ready for the summer.  It is a little early, but since mother nature is forcing us to face Spring early this year (no winter whatsoever!), lets do it!

Mix and match colors and textures

In this Spring market, it is so nice to see what gardens are coming into bloom.   Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but I will take you back to 5 Salem Straits. Listed through Kelly Associates.   If you would like to see this property, we would be happy to show you.

Can’t wait to see this in full bloom at 5 Salem Straits

Something that really popped out at me was the cutting room at 45 Ridge Acres. (Now under contract through Halstead/Darien). It’s beautiful; the red brick floor and soft moss green on the walls are very chic.  This is the kind of cutting room those of us who garden dream about.  It is such a treat to have a place where you can create beautiful arrangements from your own garden. You can work in a shed, or in the corner of your garage.  Yes! Use that third garage bay for a garden center of your very own.   If you want to go to the next step and add a sink , I saw a gorgeous one at Good Food Good Things.  The stone urns underneath are pretty fab as well.

One of a kind sink available at Good Food, Good Things, Darien, CT.

Sink details

A trough made into a potting sink  I saw at Pergola in New Preston, CT  very durable and perfect for potting and cutting flowers. This is a beauty!

I was in my neighbor’s greenhouse the other day which is a lovely stone/glass structure in her garden.  The sink at Good Food Good Things or Pergola (in New Preston, CT) would be Divine in there!  You don’t see a lot of spaces like this around here, it would be so exciting to have a greenhouse like this!

Think candlelight dinner under the stars

From my own potting shed. Couldn’t resist these pink ranunculus.

Yes, pink works really well for me. Never go wrong with pink.

Getting back to all the gardening to be done, something we encourage is potted flowers and plants.  These days the urns you can find are beautiful without spending too much money.  Potted flowers are easier to manage and much less maintenance.  You are not weeding all summer, (some of us enjoy garden work, some of us don’t) and they are wonderful additions to a terrace.  And, of course, window boxes.  But get creative.  Don’t just stick the old ivy and typical flowers that we see everywhere.  Experiment with texture, and go for it!

Planted these for Mothers Day

Look at how the window boxes give my shed a little love!

I was wandering New Preston, CT and one of the treasures up there is Pergola, a sophisticated yet down to earth garden shop with a “green” approach to the garden. They have a lot in pots and beautiful garden accessories (note the garden sink they have built from a trough). If you ever find yourself wandering around Litchfield County, make a stop at Pergola!

At Pergola in New Preston, CT.

Beautiful old fashioned table and chairs at Pergola

Cherry blossoms at Pergola

More beautiful garden accessories at Pergola

Inside Pergola

Flower pots that will be lovely inside and out doors

Lastly, but certainly not least,  few of the best garden resources are very close to Darien.  Mariani Gardens is, hands down, the best one in the area, if not the Tri-State.  This is a totally different (not necessarily better) experience than White Flower Farm, or Elise or any of the better flower/shrub farms.  Mariani Gardens is an all encompassing garden experience – and you can take a break from shopping the extraordinary species and have a lovely lunch at their cafe . Its a great way to spend the day.  Check it out!

An extraordinary experience at Mariani Gardens

A little bit more local, Elise Nursery is another great option for landscape design. This is one example.

An old stand by. White Flower Farms is always considered one of the best sources for flowers and shrubs. 







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