To Pembroke We Go!

I have always loved Pembroke tables, named after the Countess of Pembroke (1737-1831), who was the first to order such a piece. The two presented on The Showcase today are handsome examples of these timeless essentials. When opened, the hinged leaves become oval to a span of 36″ wide and 28″ long. Crossbanding on the top and drawers as well as fillet boxwood inlays on the legs are classic features of the functional and elegant pair. Brass shoes and casters complete the tables with stability and beauty. The condition of both are good and the dimensions are 27.5″ height, 28″ depth, and 20″ length. Since the pieces can be used together or independently, they’re a wise and aesthetic investment in antique collecting and interior design.  4FD61B29-1D02-491E-AE67-16D71CA1A6E4

Price:  $1,800 for the pair

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This item is no longer available.

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