The Way Home

Since most of Darien is out of town this week, I took advantage of my extra time and went down to Greenwich where the Historical Society hosted a fantastic luncheon and lecture featuring Jeffrey Bilhuber.  Jeffrey Bilhuber, the very celebrated decorator, is my rock star.  Some people like the Stones, I will stick with Jeffrey Bilhuber.  I can promise you, this “rock concert” did not disappoint.

Reflections on American Beauty.

He was there to talk about The Way Home, his latest book.  In a very theatrical presentation, Jeffrey Bilhuber talked about his experiences with clients, and how together they create homes that define who they are, and where they have come from.  Since I like to think that I am helping my customers find the house they will make their home, this afternoon was the perfect way to supplement the journey I have with my customers.

Abigail Moore with Jeffrey Bilhuber.

As it turns out, not only can he pull a room together with color and trim,  he can speak to a room full of people as if  he knows everyone personally.  He is an excellent speaker. He never uses the same word twice, never stalls on his thoughts, and is genuinely excited about his projects.   He had us all dreaming of our own decorating experiences and we all came away with a “new best friend”.  I am guessing he came away with a few new clients.

Highlights from The Way Home.


Answering questions at lunch.

Beautiful tables by Juliska and Bilhuber.

Bilhuber and the winner of the grand raffle prize - 3 hours of consultation with him!

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