We are in the spirit here at Real in Darien.  After a tumultuous fall:Hurricane Sandy, the election, and the apprehension of a financial cliff, we thought we all needed something to celebrate and look forward to.  So we are having our first REAL IN DARIEN HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY.  All you have to do is send in a picture of your very own HOLIDAY VIGNETTE –  your front door, mantle, or any festive shot in your home by December 22nd to  BE CREATIVE. To win, you must show your ability to think outside the box. Go for it!  The winner will receive their very own copy of “The Big Book of  Chic” by our favorite lust of all time, Miles Redd.

This book is full of gorgeous rooms inspired by a true genius. It also looks fabulous on your coffee table.

Love the simplicity of this front door.

Try a swag instead of a predictable wreath.

Wish we saw more Williamsburg inspired doors.

Great Idea for an outdoor urn!

Trying to imagine how they made this stay put.

  We will then be giving away our favorite “THE BOOK OF CHIC” book by Miles Redd.

 Be creative and send your pictures to by December 22nd. Be creative and have fun!

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