Let’s move it! A mini market update

What happens when properties are priced correctly?  They sell.  Plain and simple.  The market will move when buyers see some fair value. And, the proof is in the contract.


The last few weeks in the market has been busy here in Darien.  We have seen a lot of properties going into contract.  Not all, but many are  those that have gone through a few price corrections.  After months on the market sellers are beginning to see the reality of where buyers are going to feel it is time to take the plunge – at a  lower price.  It is what it is, and at the end of the day a house is only worth what someone is willing to pay.  I say it is all good. We are seeing movement in the market and that is good for everyone.



Put it all on the table: lots of bedrooms, no work needed and the right price.

28 Rocaton, asking $2,195,00, is exactly what most people are looking for in Darien.  Neighborhood with tons of kids, walking distance to trains and town, private, and most importantly all you need to do is bring a toothbrush (no, furniture is not included).  This house is done done done and there is plenty of space.  Not much of a yard, but my guess is that the kids are playing in the street around here.  There is virtually no traffic, and unless you live back there, there is no reason to be driving around back there.  This house went to contract in a few days. Listed by Chichi Mayhew at Kelly Associates.  THIS PROPERTY IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE



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