A Post Script….

I recently referenced  Gil Schafer, the architect who is on his way to being one of the GREAT American architects.  There is no doubt that I am CRAZY about his work, so I thought it was worth mentioning that his book, The Great American House, is superb! If you have even the slightest interest in architecture and or design you should take a look at this book.  In fact, you should probably own it.  He has some great advice. He really gets it.

On sale now. Worth every page!

I managed to collect a few photos to give you a flavor of this wonderful book.  Gill describes three of four projects of his and how they come together.  Very inspirational!

House in Dutchess County New York Designed by Gil Schafer.


A favorite room by Miles Redd in house designed by Gil Schafer


A Stunning restoration project in South Carolina! I am dying over this!


A smashing choice of color on the walls of this fantastic hall. Makes me want to rethink everything in my house.


“Think thin” to quote Gil Schafer. One of the drastic mistakes in home designs is the width.  One, possibly two rooms deep, that is it! Otherwise you run the risk of falling into the McMansion trap. (Love this entry hall).


A beautiful collection of bespoke pieces.  Choose well, and choose what you love. The results will be beautiful.

 (Photo curtesy of Architectural Digest)

A good outdoor room. That fireplace! The stone, the scale. Love the lantern as well. (Its probably from Ann Morris Antiques.)

 (Photo curtesy of Architectural Digest)

 (Photography curtesy of Erik Piasecki)




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