Welcome, Darien, to the Front Door



What a perfect metaphor for the launch of our blog “Holly’s front door”.  Holly Hurd has been essential to our launch.  Not only very encouraging, Holly has been a resource of information that has been vital to our planning and the direction of our blog.  Her experience with her own business, VentureMom has been a guiding force for us.  She represents the “front door” for “Real in Darien .

To that end, Holly’s front door is somewhat of a symbol for us. Holly’s house, on Stephen Mather (for sale through Kelly Associates in Darien, CT) has many wonderful qualities that we like and are certain buyer will agree.  The front door is an example of how when doing a front door renovation, the details, can have an enormous impact on first impressions.  Holly wanted to have a door that represented the quality and esthetic of the 1930’s.  She researched and found just that.  The door knob, the key in the lock,  the weight of the door, the lead detailing in the custom windows surrounding the door all create the impact that we love to an entry way.   (Details on resourcing this kind of front door to come).

Notice detail in rosette

Looking out

We are so excited to launch this blog.  Thank you to Holly and all those who have supported and encouraged us.  “Like” us on Facebook, tell your friends, and read our posts on Facebook.  This is a work in progress, a journey through one open house at a time!

Lock and Key



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  1. Kim says:

    I want that door knob and key. Where can I find that?

  2. Abgail Moore says:

    As soon as we have the source we will let you know

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