We are back after a July Break!

We hope you are having a wonderful summer.  It has been a while since we posted, but we are back with lots to talk about.  Summer time brings us out of doors for us to enjoy what we have been working for and what we enjoy most: gardens, sailing, tennis, hiking or simply enjoying the view!

As always, gardens can be a big part of what makes a home special.  Spending time up on  Mount Desert Island every summer is so inspiring. Acadia and Frenchman’s Bay offer a very unusual opportunity for spectacular landscapes and gardens.  The Mount Desert Garden Club takes great pride in their small but not insignificant membership, and they should!  It is where you will find some of the prettiest, most dramatic as well as some of the most well thought out gardens in New England.  Every Summer, six gardens are chosen to participate in the Garden Tour.  Here are some highlights that will inspire!


Fantastic potted clay pots surround this spectacular house on Somes Sound in Northeast Harbor.

The property combines native planting and GLORIOUS container gardening.



Views of Somes Sound from the native pink granite terrace.


A mossy sanctuary that leads to a beautiful garden in Seal Harbor, ME


A spectacular border that shows off many of the prettiest summer blooms


Meadow Rue. Fabulous!


A natural garden pool made from the native pink granite found all over the Island.

Another Seal Harbor spectacular.

Overlooking Bracy Cove. Very special.

You just never know what you may find on the Maine coast!

Looking out to the Cranberry Islands.

All over the property were these fabulous lanterns to light the way at night. What a beautiful way to discretely post lights around your property!

Another spectacular garden in Seal Harbor.

Landscape Architect Dennis Bracale has combined a Tudor garden in the front of the house with and East Asian waterfall courtyard against the cliffs of the mouton behind the house.

Backed up against the mountain behind the house, she is watching…

Not a bad view over Bracy Cove

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