Pick of the Week – A stunning makeover


These could not be more stunning.

I think we have mentioned the fabric room at the Antique & Artisan Center, but if  you haven’t seen it, you must go down there. It’s located in the back of the antique center and is set up for anyone to come and enjoy the experience of making your home beautiful. It’s a little like a child being introduced to Dylan’s.  Once you have gone there, why go anywhere else.   There is not a fabric room like this around here.  I even heard someone say at a recent event that “Mari Ann has stuff no one has”!  These chairs are a good example.  You know the fabric is fabulous, but you can’t think where you have seen it.  The good news is you haven’t.  It is a line of fabric that the Antique Center does.  The selections you will find is at the crossroads of stunning and perfection.

They will help you with everything, from picking out the fabric and trim  (going to Samuel & Sons is like visiting a candy store for us but save yourself the trip….its all here!) to refinishing or repairing a piece.  So whether you buy a piece from the Antique Center, or bring in something you already own, come on over and take a look.

Mari Ann Maher, of John Rosselli fame, offers interior design services as well.  You are certain to leave with a masterpiece!



Remember these? We sat on these for a long time. Very comfortable.


We liked these chairs with this muslim fabric but look at the difference a new fabric can make….

DSC_0004 DSC_0013


Beautiful trims and pipings, borders and fringe.


Large swatches to completely understand the pattern and its scale.


Color, texture and variety!


Bold prints and patterns, yet subtle and entirely neutral in any room.



Enough said. I can’t imagine anywhere else that would be more fun to take on a project.


IMG_0837DSC_0014 DSC_0013

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